T4 Templates for Generating Views for EF4/EF5 Database/Model First apps

Code, the Universe and everything...

After we received a comment on the EF team blog asking why the templates for generating views for Edmx based apps we posted years ago were not updated for EF5 Rowan asked me if I it would be possible to update the template so that it works for EF5. I actually remember looking at this template before I shipped my templates generating views for Code First apps and one of the first things I noticed was that the way it handled versions was robust but not very flexible. Therefore, when we shipped EF5, the templates could not be used with apps using v3 of the EF artifacts (edmx). I thought a bit more about this when I was working on the templates for CodeFirst and concluded that robustness is not really very important here. If someone wants views they will have to provide a valid model (be it Code First…

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