Give PowerShell a Voice Using The SpeechSynthesizer Class

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Besides using PowerShell for the usual work related things, we can also have some fun with it by tapping into various .Net classes to do things such as letting PowerShell talk to us. There are quite a few examples of this floating around and this is my turn at talking about it and showing what you can do as well as showing off one of my functions. This is also one of many articles that I have had on the backburner while working things that I felt were more important to post, but felt like I had better get this out before I wait much longer.

Back in the day, one would have looked towards using a COM object (sapi.spvoice) to make this happen. But I won’t be touching that in this article but instead will be looking at the System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer class instead. At the end I will point you…

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